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Luxurious Face & Body Bar 4 oz.

Luxurious Face and Body Bar is a gentle, yet hi-performance all natural cleansing choice suitable for all skin types.  Perfect for removing dirt, impurities, and bacteria without ever leaving skin feeling dry, or stripped while gently yet effectively exfoliating skin for added silky smoothness. Truly a skin treatment in a cleansing bar. Worth also noting; the light natural scent of this bar is Aaah-mazing! Like a day at the Spa. 

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Luxurious Face and Body Bar is crafted with the finest natural ingredients combined in a special saponification process. This method results in a measured amount of natural oils suspended all throughout this hard style/ long lasting bar.  The nutrient rich natural oils of olive, coconut, and palm are optimal to moisturize, and protect skin. These oils are lightly infused with essential oils for a natural, and subtle scent reminiscent of a day at the spa. Naturally antimicrobial Tamanu calms, protects, and rejuvenates. Both color and texture are all natural, (free of dyes or chemicals).  Last but certainly not least, natural hops flower adds a minimal yet appropriate level of just right exfoliation- leaves skin smooth, and soft.

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